USPS renews plea for help to Congress.   Leave a comment

Just what the headline reads.  The postal service is looking for another bail out from the government in order to keep its head above water.  They lost an estimated $3.3 billion in the final three months of 2011. 

The USPS has already come out and said that they plan to close offices around the country in an effort to cut $20 billion in costs.  Price of stamps was recently raised as well.  The problem here is that closing down offices around the country would cause a HUGE loss of jobs, and the more they raise the price of stamps, the more I don’t want to send things through the mail. 

Some other ways they hope to save money is possibly dropping to a 5-day delivery schedule instead of a 6-day and reducing the amount of next day services offered.

An interesting thing to note in all of this is that their competition (FedEx, UPS, DHL) are thriving in this economy and have no plans to cut back on services.  In fact, I bet if you were to ask either one of those companies they would LOVE to get into the first class mail market.  The USPS is just another government agency that proves how much government screws up the world when they dig in to deep.  Let the private market reign and everybody wins!


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