Delta airlines might move more jobs to Atlanta   Leave a comment

I work at the MSP international airport, and actually within just feet of Delta’s ticket counters.  On Friday we had one of their managers come up to talk to us and informed me about this possible move.  He didn’t seem to suprised by it, but was noticeable aggitated by the news.  After years of working with the same people from Northwest airlines and now Delta, some of them are either being foced to move to Atlanta or risk loosing their jobs.

According to an article on the Star Tribune’s website, Delta vowed to keep jobs in Minnesota when it merged with Northwest in 2008.  Nothing was in writing so Delta is not legally obligated to maintain the promise, but it does shine a sour light on the company.  I can totally understand that Delta wants to streamline it’s production and working out of one main hub instead of two would be a simple way to drastically decrease costs.  That could be a problem since Delta employees almost 10,000 people in the state and that would be a huge blow to Minnesota’s unemployement numbers if it were to loose a significant chunk of that populace.

I persoanlly believe that businesses should be allowed to do whatever they need to ensure their survival, and this move is really no different.  What would be the better scenario: Delta consolidates jobs and locations, grows stronger and increases profits and jobs, or Delta keeps things running the way they are to save face for now and ends up folding and laying off all 10,000 employees in Minnesota?  Neither sound like the perfect plan, but if they are loosing money and fear having this problem in the future they need to take necessary steps to keep themselves a float.


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